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Garage Door Torsion Spring

Need emergency torsion spring replacement in the Richmond Hill area in Ontario? Rely on our fast service and expertly done job. Whether or not the spring is broken, we replace it as fast as possible. Broken springs make the door useless and extensively damaged springs make the door dangerous. When it comes to such tensed and thus potentially dangerous parts, our Richmond Hill Garage Door Repair team responds quickly. We replace, but also do the necessary spring repair work in order to keep the door at your house functional but also your family safe. Want to repair efficiently your garage door torsion spring in Richmond Hill? Contact us.Garage Door Torsion Spring Richmond Hill

Want torsion spring repair services? Call our local pros

Most standard sized residential garage doors would have only one torsion spring. But if you want a second one installed, trust our service. Whether you have one or two springs, you can turn to us for torsion spring repair. If you feel that the door is not well balanced, is heavier than usual, and doesn’t stay open, give us a call. These are clear indications of spring problems and our team handles them in a timely manner.

Springs must be well tensed in order to keep the door open but also lift it, balance it, and close it down smoothly. That’s the purpose of our torsion spring adjustment service. We check the door in order to understand whether the spring tension must be released or not. Our experts usually have to add tension in order to keep the springs powerful and flexible. We accomplish their flexibility by also lubricating them. If any supportive part of your Richmond Hill garage door torsion spring is in bad shape, let us replace it too.

Call us if you want to replace a broken spring urgently, but also get in touch with us if you want our opinion about its condition. We offer garage door torsion spring replacement even when the coils are not yet broken to prevent property damage but most of all accidents. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our company whenever you are concerned about your spring system. You can also call us for any problem and service related to your extension springs.

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