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Garage Door Springs Repair

There are several garage door springs on the market of Ontario, but despite their small differences they are all installed to do the same job. What we do at our Richmond Hill Garage Door Repair is to ensure springs meet your demands, are installed properly and are not a hazard to your safety. From torsion spring replacement to extension garage door springs repair in Richmond Hill, customers can rely on our fast help and quality services.Garage Door Springs Repair Richmond Hill

We repair garage door springs fast

Both torsion and extension springs are supposed to be installed under tension. By storing energy they manage to move the door and also keep it open. Labeled as the most essential parts of the garage system, springs make sure the door remains at its opening position and doesn’t slide down. Thanks to their tension, the door opens up despite its weight and closes back down without force. When our technicians install new springs, they tense them to the point that springs will be able to lift the door without bouncing when it’s back in its closing position. Richmond Hill homeowners can depend on our garage door spring repair expertise and availability to help them in timely fashion.

Care to adjust your torsion or extension springs? Give us a call

The lost spring power overtime is renewed with our adjustment services. Our professionals add tension, but can also release it. We can check whether the springs are sufficiently tensed, balance the door, change the torsion spring cones, make sure springs are well connected with the cable system, and also install safety cables. We offer fast torsion spring repair, especially if your safety is threatened or the springs are broken.

Clients can ask our help whether their springs are broken or not. We bring the right size garage door spring replacement to ensure proper door movement and carry out the service as soon as possible. Our technicians are equipped to fix, install, replace and adjust all springs and respond incredibly fast if your springs have snapped. Call us today with your spring concerns.

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